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January 09 2018

Blissful Detachment – Calming Meditation Relaxation Music With Solfeggio

Blissful Detachment Relaxation Meditation Solfeggio Music With Theta Waves To Aid Release

Blissful detachment is a special piece of calming meditation and relaxation music from SurgingLife.

This piece is built around the core theme of detaching from stress and negativity with ease.

Use for meditation, or just whilst sitting, to be deep relaxing.

When used with the optional theta wave music, that depth of relaxation comes with greater ease than usual. The entire purpose of this piece…

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January 08 2018

Return To Joy – Shumann Resonance And Solfeggio Music To Relax And Renew

Return To Joy Relaxation Meditation Music With Theta Waves Plus Schumann And Solfeggio Music For Rejuvenation With Theta Wave Entrainment

Return To Joy is a special piece of music for relaxation or meditation.

It has been developed by founder Stephen Frost to especially help you re-center and bring yourself to a point of calm again.

The use of special soundforms, which include the optional Theta wave music that it was built around, it contains sound healing patterns that have helped many through the ages.

The full piece runs at 7…

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August 11 2017

Life Coaching 8 1 Hour Sessions

Life Coaching 8 1 Hour Sessions

Life Coaching through SurgingLife. This is for a set of eight 1 hour sessions. This service is only available to those who have prior agreement to being coached.

After booking there are zero refunds, sessions can be re-scheduled, though only if more than 2 weeks notice prior to the original booking date is given.

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April 12 2017

April 09 2017

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Blessings of spring to all. Enjoy some #relaxation courtesy of #SurgingLife at https://store.surginglife.com and use the coupon code joyofspring2017 any time before April 23rd for a special #spring #qol boost. #meditation🙏 among the #cherryblossoms and #nature is a wonderful thing to do, and taking that energy into your life and your home on a deeper level is deeply worthwhile. Becoming ever more #mindful of things in your life, your state of #calm especially, will carry you to greater heights of #empowerment and SurgingLife is here to help you in doing so. Be happy, be free, be joyful! Blessings of #peace and #love to all from #StephenFrost and #SurgingLife

April 04 2017

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#Spring is here and the #sakura has begun to come out and herald warmer brighter times. The onset of #cherryblossom each year always does amazing things in my #heartandsoul bringing a lovely sense of #peace and #calm, plus a deep feeling of #gratitude for nature and the world we have here. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful #cherryblossoms is a great way to slip into #meditation🙏 and gain #mindful insight as to our own growth at this time. Blessings of #peace and #love to all from #StephenFrost and #SurgingLife. Empower your life change with positivity at https://surginglife.com

April 02 2017

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