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August 11 2017

Life Coaching 8 1 Hour Sessions

Life Coaching 8 1 Hour Sessions

Life Coaching through SurgingLife. This is for a set of eight 1 hour sessions. This service is only available to those who have prior agreement to being coached.

After booking there are zero refunds, sessions can be re-scheduled, though only if more than 2 weeks notice prior to the original booking date is given.

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April 12 2017

April 09 2017

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Blessings of spring to all. Enjoy some #relaxation courtesy of #SurgingLife at https://store.surginglife.com and use the coupon code joyofspring2017 any time before April 23rd for a special #spring #qol boost. #meditation🙏 among the #cherryblossoms and #nature is a wonderful thing to do, and taking that energy into your life and your home on a deeper level is deeply worthwhile. Becoming ever more #mindful of things in your life, your state of #calm especially, will carry you to greater heights of #empowerment and SurgingLife is here to help you in doing so. Be happy, be free, be joyful! Blessings of #peace and #love to all from #StephenFrost and #SurgingLife

April 04 2017

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#Spring is here and the #sakura has begun to come out and herald warmer brighter times. The onset of #cherryblossom each year always does amazing things in my #heartandsoul bringing a lovely sense of #peace and #calm, plus a deep feeling of #gratitude for nature and the world we have here. Taking time to enjoy the beautiful #cherryblossoms is a great way to slip into #meditation🙏 and gain #mindful insight as to our own growth at this time. Blessings of #peace and #love to all from #StephenFrost and #SurgingLife. Empower your life change with positivity at https://surginglife.com

April 02 2017

April 01 2017

March 28 2017

February 11 2017

January 19 2017

How To Change Your Life - SurgingLife

January 18 2017

Heart Chakra Guided Meditation By Stephen Frost With Theta Wave Music - Sample
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